Earth Hour 2024 Philippines
Published February 26, 2024

As we start the countdown to Earth Hour 2024 in the Philippines, businesses have a unique opportunity to participate.

As we start the countdown to Earth Hour 2024 in the Philippines, businesses have a unique opportunity to participate and lead by example in adopting sustainable practices year-round. This article explores how companies can get involved in Earth Hour and adopt sustainable practices beyond the event.

Earth Hour 2024 Philippines: What is it about?

Earth Hour 2024 Philippines

Earth Hour is a global environmental initiative led by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It originated as a symbolic event in Sydney in 2007 and has evolved into the most significant grassroots movement, spanning over 7,000 cities and 180 countries. 

By motivating people, businesses, and government bodies to switch off unnecessary electric lighting for one full hour, this event allows interested sectors to take small but concrete actions to improve our planet.

Central to Earth Hour is the commitment to going “Beyond the Hour,” encouraging participants to continue the advocacy even after the lights return. This has led to significant wins in the Philippines, such as replacing hazardous kerosene lamps in Palawan and Mindoro with portable solar lamps. 

Going beyond Earth Hour 2024 Philippines

Earth Hour 2024 Philippines

Businesses, big or small, have a responsibility to take an active part in helping our planet recover. After you turn your lights off for an hour, here are simple ways to still support Earth Hour 2024 in the Philippines as an eco-friendly business:

Engage your stakeholders

While mandating company-wide participation during Earth Hour is beneficial, fostering a culture of eco-friendly thinking within your business is essential for achieving long-term changes. Educate and empower your employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders. Share the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Encourage them to commit to reducing their carbon footprint as individuals, providing workshops on planning and realizing this goal.

Integrate sustainable practices

As WWF says, “Don’t just switch off; switch up and out.” After participating in Earth Hour, you can also incorporate sustainability efforts into your core business operations for the long term.

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of current practices to identify areas where you can adopt sustainable alternatives. This could involve implementing energy-efficient technologies and transitioning to eco-friendly materials like biodegradable packaging for businesses. Promoting sustainable transportation options for employees.

Go Beyond Earth Hour 2024 Philippines by Partnering with Oikos 

Earth Hour 2024 Philippines

Do more than just one hour. Choose to be a long-term sustainable business in the Philippines. You can make a more meaningful change by improving your packaging practices with Oikos Sustainable Solutions. 

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