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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is paper not a better option?

Paper does not break down faster than plastic, takes 300% more energy to manufacture than plastic, and it uses 10% more energy to recycle than plastic.

It is also a little-known fact that plastic bags were invented to save the planet, according to the son of Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin. Thulin created plastic bags, as we know them today, in 1959. The bags were developed as an alternative to paper bags, which were considered bad for the environment because they resulted in forests being chopped down. More than 60 years later, estimates suggest that about 42 million trees are felled daily to make paper and other products. To produce 1 ton of coated, higher-end virgin magazine paper (as used for high-end magazines), studies estimate that more than 15 trees are cut down. Paper is not better. Plastic bags were not meant to be single-use. 

How much do the bags cost?

The pricing for our bags can differ depending on the quantity, type, and specifications. As a manufacturer, we are able to create products according to each customer’s needs. We’d be happy to send you a price quote that fits your needs. To request a formal quote, send a message by contacting us here.

Do you have a catalog I can look at?

You may request a catalog by filling out our contact form here. However, we recommend that you take advantage of our ability to customize products to fit your needs and send us your requirements and request for a quote.

Can I customize the bags depending on what I need?

Our bags are fully customizable to cater to your specific needs.Special colors and your own branding are available (with some restrictions).  Please feel free to send us details of your designs and specifications at hello@oikosph.com

How do I purchase?

You can purchase bags by emailing us at hello@oikosph.com or by sending us a message here.

What can you recommend for me?

Since we want to replace all single-use plastics and paper packaging, we know we can find a great solution for you. Let’s schedule a call by contacting us here.

Do you offer Trial Packs so I can try out your products?

Yes! You can order Trial Packs by messaging us here or by sending us an email at hello@oikosph.com.

What’s the minimum order quantity if I want to purchase?

The minimum order quantity for our bags is 1,000 pieces for standard catalog items and 10,000 pieces for custom products. If you require a smaller amount, we recommend purchasing our Trial Packs instead. Delivery charges may apply.

Where is your factory located?

Our bags are proudly Philippine-made, in our factory in Bulacan.

What are your contact details?

You may reach us by filling out our contact form here or by emailing us at hello@oikosph.com. You can also connect with us at +63 2 79752819. Talk to you soon!