benefits of corn bags
Published January 25, 2023

They’re totally plastic-free and pose no harm to the environment. Know about the structure and benefits of corn bags.

The world generates 400 million tons of plastic waste every year. At a time where plastic remains the most convenient and accessible packaging, biodegradable packaging like corn bags can become the game-changer that businesses might need. They’re totally plastic-free and pose no harm to the environment. Know about the structure and benefits of corn bags in this article. 

Everything you need to know about corn bags

Corn bags, or corn starch bags, are biodegradable plastics made from polylactic acid (PLA), derived from corn starch sugars. Plus, they have the look and feel of regular plastics, but they decompose within 90 days. Moreover, corn bags used for disposable cutlery, medical devices like sutures, textile, and food packaging materials. 

Corn bags require 65% less energy to make than petroleum-based plastics. As for greenhouse emissions, corn bags cut it by 68%. That’s a huge number when reducing carbon footprint. Lastly, corn bags can help in battling the plastic crisis that threatens our ecosystem and the future generation. 

Why use corn bags

In addition, don’t think twice about using corn bags as an alternative packaging to plastic when you can get these benefits: 

Corn is a renewable source 

Corn is an abundant crop all over the world. In addition, corn is planted and grown within four months, which means there’s no shortage of corn to use to make corn bags. Aside from food and bioplastics, corn is also convertible to ethanol.

Corn bags are fully compostable

Since corn bags are made of corn starch, they don’t leave any residue once they decompose within 90 days. The PLA in corn bags will eventually turn into water and carbon dioxide in an industrial composting setting. In addition, Corn bags are used as fertilizers when you put them in soil. 

Corn bags are safe for food packaging

Corn bags have a high aroma barrier. They don’t use coatings and they’re resistant to oil and food fat. Moreover, corn bags don’t contain toxins that can potentially contaminate your food once you put hot food in it.

No harmful chemicals that damage the body

Corn bags do not contain harmful chemicals that are usually found in plastic such as bisphenol and phthalate. Plastics, especially microplastics, are found in various items such as furniture, food, and electronics. Secondly, you might be eating and breathing plastic every single second without knowing it. The devastating health effects of plastics in the human body include minor irritation, cancer, birth defects, and chronic lung inflammation. 

Using corn bags can reposition your business

More and more people are becoming more conscious of the declining environment now. Switching to biodegradable packaging for business will win you more customers over time. Going green with corn bags shows your commitment to protecting the environment with the power your business has. 

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Corn bags are plastic-free alternatives that don’t harm the environment like the regular plastic that you use everyday. Making the big switch to corn bags will make a huge difference to your standing as a business and to the environment. 

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