Not sure how to build an eco-friendly business? Here, we give a rundown on the top environmentally sustainable practices that you can try.
Published June 24, 2022

Following environmentally sustainable practices is the name of the game for businesses nowadays. With shoppers becoming even more conscious when it comes to choosing the brands they support, companies are expected to align their business goals towards sustainability lest they want to be left behind.

In order to help you catch up, here are six simple ways to be a sustainable business in the Philippines.

Following environmentally sustainable practices is the name of the game for businesses nowadays.

6 Environmentally Sustainable Practices to Try

Contrary to misconception, eco-friendly businesses need not require too large of an expense. In order to help you adapt, we list five ways you can transform your brand into a sustainable business in the Philippines without breaking the bank. 

1. Go for sustainably sourced materials.

Sustainable operations should start from the source. For your raw materials, go for those offered by suppliers who follow fair trade and those whose production values are guided by ethical, social, and environmental goals.

Are the materials renewable and recyclable? How are they procured? Remember that sustainability is not just about helping the environment. It also aims to help communities and society as a whole. 

An environmentally sustainable practice your business can try is reducing your carbon footprint through energy-efficient materials.

2. Use energy-efficient machines. 

Aim to lessen your carbon footprint by using energy-saving upgrades for your operations. This can be as simple as going for LED light bulbs or solar panels, or skipping desktops (which use more energy) and using laptops instead. 

On the other hand, conscious use of electricity also helps. If possible, make sure to turn off all machinery to lower your energy use. 

Using biodegradable packaging is another environmentally sustainable practice you can adopt.

3. Need an alternative to plastics? Opt for biodegradable packaging. 

Waving off the use of single-use plastics and using biodegradable options can make a huge difference. When choosing your product packaging, go for those made with materials like corn starch and cassava which break down easily. 

Also, be conscious of the way you design the packaging for your products. How much paper filling do you really need? Do you require a box, or can you make do with a pouch instead? If you need inspiration, you can browse through our products to get more ideas on eco-friendly packaging that are perfect for your business.  

Need environmentally sustainable practices you can easily implement? Try going paperless.

4. Make your business paperless. 

Another very easy-to-implement way towards an eco-friendly business is to scrap the unnecessary use of paper. In fact, doing so not only helps the environment but also aids in streamlining your operations for two reasons: you can save on storage space, and it makes filing and organization easier when you go digital. 

As expected, going 100 percent paperless can be a challenge, but you can bridge it by limiting your use to entirely needed processes. For example, you can skip paper for online receipts for your customers. For your other paper usage, you can always go for sustainable options like making use of recycled sheets. 

You cannot skip the three Rs if you want to shift to an environmentally sustainable practice.

5. Remember the 3 Rs of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

Of course, you cannot skip the three Rs if you want to shift to an environmentally sustainable practice. Give landfills a little bit more breathing space by being smart about your overall use of things. Cut off what you can afford to remove, reuse what you can, and recycle what you can afford. 

For best results, do these environmentally sustainable practices remotely.

6. Do these environmentally sustainable practices—and more—remotely. 

Reduce the carbon footprint that your business produces by curbing commutes and advocating for a remote work setup. Doing so will cut down on fossil fuel usage and also help reduce the electricity use in a separate office. 

Let Oikos Help With Your Environmentally Sustainable Practices

Think you don’t have enough time to do all six? Let us handle your packaging worries and give yourself room to explore more ways on becoming an eco-friendly business. 

Our team at Oikos Sustainable Solutions believes that creating a strong sustainable community depends on the stakeholders who power it. As small businesses, it is within your choice and control to adopt environmentally sustainable practices.

By using our products, you can take a step closer to being an eco-friendly business in the Philippines. We offer naturally biodegradable packaging options that are plant-based, plastic-free, and compostable. Browse through our products today.