Packaging supplier Philippines
Published March 27, 2024

Pet owners are now looking for an eco-friendly packaging supplier in the Philippines that could offer solutions for their pet products.

In a Euromonitor International study, 70% of global pet owners worry about climate change and want to lessen the environmental impacts their pets contribute to the environment. Pet owners are now looking for an eco-friendly packaging supplier in the Philippines that could offer environmentally friendly solutions for their pet products.

Let’s find out why environmentally conscious pet owners look for an eco-friendly business that uses packaging that is alternative to plastic in their pet products and the importance of biodegradable packaging to businesses.

Why Pet Brands are Supporting Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplier in the Philippines

Here are some of the reasons why:

Packaging supplier Philippines

Environmental Impact

Earth Org states that the pet food industry releases about 64 million tons of carbon footprint in a year, a high number that contributes to global warming. This is from meat consumption alone.

Plastic Pollution

Pet food packaging contributes to 300 million pounds of plastic waste in the US alone. Plastic pollution is a major environmental problem, causing detrimental impacts on wildlife, ecosystems, and human health.

Health Concerns

Plastics contain harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates. Like humans, food in plastic packaging may be contaminated with these chemicals, and ingestion of such substances may cause health problems in pets.

For these reasons, eco-conscious pet owners opt for sustainable packaging that is biodegradable and compostable, like materials made of cassava starch or bamboo, to minimize carbon “pawprint” and ensure their pets’ safety. Aside from pet food packaging, they also consider using biodegradable poopy bags like cassava starch bags. These are better for the environment, unlike single-use plastics.

Why The Packaging Supplier in the Philippines Should Offer Sustainable Solutions

Here are some benefits of having biodegradable packaging for businesses.

Packaging supplier Philippines

Environmental Responsibility

In the Propak Philippines 2023 event, experts shared the trends in packaging with sustainability at the top due to the increase in environmental and ethical consciousness. Using alternative packaging to plastic, businesses exhibit their commitment to contributing to solving environmental challenges.

Customer Demand

As per Pulse Asia, 8 out of 10 Filipino consumers prefer purchasing eco-friendly brands, and being a sustainable business in the Philippines may show growth in your sales with the support of environmentally conscious consumers. This may also increase customer loyalty.

Minimize Cost

Going green may incur a higher initial investment in equipment, but savings will be more felt in the long run. Sustainable packaging often requires fewer production materials and resources. Once produced, it is also lighter in weight, which could reduce shipping costs. 

Oikos is a Sustainable Packaging Supplier in the Philippines

Packaging supplier Philippines

Oikos Sustainable Solutions is your best partner for sustainable solutions in the pet industry. We provide 100% eco-friendly bags made of cassava starch and cornstarch that are safe for your pets and the environment. Check out our products here.