Earth Day and Plastic Pollution
Published March 26, 2024

Earth Day and plastic pollution are two concepts put together because plastics are one of the major contributors to environmental damage.

This April, we celebrate Earth Month globally, raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection and preservation. Earth Day and plastic pollution are often two concepts that are put together because plastics are one of the major contributors to environmental damage.

Data shows that the Philippines generates 2.7 million tons of plastic waste yearly and 450 million tons worldwide. It is an alarming number, so businesses should take part in this initiative by transitioning to an eco-friendly business and using alternative packaging to plastic.

In this article, we will discuss the negative impacts of plastic pollution and how we can reduce our plastic footprint.

Discussing the Negative Impacts of Plastic Pollution on Earth Day

Earth Day and Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has numerous negative impacts on the environment, but here are three of the most critical ones:

Earth Day and Plastic Pollution Emphasized Wildlife Endangerment

0.5% of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. Marine animals experience entanglement and ingestion, causing injuries and even death. 

Ecosystems are Harmed

Plastic waste physically damages habitats, which is crucial for maintaining the ecosystem’s balance. Toxic from ingested plastic waste can also accumulate and be passed on from one predator to the next, causing harm to the food chain.

Detrimental to Human Health

Chemical exposure to plastics (like BPA and phthalates) has been linked to various human health issues. Ingestion of microplastics is also unavoidable due to food and water contamination.

How to Reduce Plastic Footprint

Earth Day and Plastic Pollution

Here are some simple ways you can reduce your plastic footprint.

Use Reusable Bags

Bring reusable bags when shopping to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. Choose bags made of cassava starch or jute.

Avoid single-use plastics

Single-use plastics like straws, water bottles, and cups are common plastic wastes worldwide since these items are used daily, practice using reusable materials like steel or bamboo.

Practice the 5 Rs

The 5 Rs of waste management are refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle. Sustainable businesses in the Philippines apply this process to minimize the amount of waste they produce. You can try this at home, too!

Join clean-up drives

This is a more proactive solution as a community to reduce plastic waste and pollution littered in public places like parks and beaches.

Support eco-friendly business

A Kentar Worldpanel study shows that 75% of consumers seek eco-friendly brands. These businesses opt to use alternative packaging to plastic and optimize environmental-friendy solutions.

Celebrate Earth Day and Combat Plastic Pollution with Oikos

Earth Day and Plastic Pollution

Earth Month is an important movement that focuses on the critical problems our planet is facing. Plastic pollution is a huge concern worldwide, but you can take your part with a simple step – stop using plastics.
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