impact of eco-friendly packaging
Published October 27, 2023

The impact of eco-friendly packaging has been felt extensively as interest in sustainable business practices continues to rise.

The impact of eco-friendly packaging has been felt extensively as interest in sustainable business practices continues to rise. With brands shifting towards a more ethical and eco-friendly business model, the trend is also changing how we view and use product packaging. Interestingly, this transformation is more than just a response to environmental concerns; it is a strategic business choice with practical benefits

This article will explore how sustainable packaging profoundly influences a brand’s success in today’s business landscape.

Is the impact of eco-friendly packaging substantial?

impact of eco-friendly packaging

The trend towards eco-friendly packaging represents a crucial shift towards sustainability, making it an essential factor in business growth in the modern era.

By choosing alternative packaging to plastic, companies demonstrate a clear commitment to a sustainable future. This choice resonates with today’s environmentally conscious consumers. Consider the facts: 82% of consumers now demand that brands prioritize sustainability and embrace people-centric practices.

This isn’t just about positive branding; it’s about aligning with the values of a rapidly evolving market. Adopting eco-friendly packaging demonstrates a brand’s commitment to eco-friendly business practices, significantly influences brand recognition, instills trust, and cultivates lasting customer loyalty. 

5 positive impacts of eco-friendly packaging on your brand

Research on sustainable packaging reveals numerous advantages for businesses. The perks go beyond environmental responsibility and into supply chain management within various industries. Learn more about the positive impact of eco-friendly packaging that even growing companies can enjoy.

1. Eco-friendly packaging is versatile

impact of eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging offers remarkable versatility as it can be repurposed and reused in various industries, with no limits on the number of times manufacturers can employ them. You can find eco-friendly packaging tailored to your specific food, clothing, cosmetics, or electronics needs.

2. It helps expand and retain your customer base

impact of eco-friendly packaging

Sustainability is increasingly essential for any established or emerging business, with 90% of CEOs highlighting its significance. Studies also reveal a rising preference for sustainable products, especially among 75% of Generation Z consumers who favor sustainability over brand names. We can see that customers want to interact with and purchase from businesses that work towards sustainable practices and goals. 

3. Your packaging reflects your product’s value

impact of eco-friendly packaging

Packaging significantly impacts consumer perceptions. Around 48% of consumers base on packaging quality to determine the product’s value. The time between purchase and delivery builds expectations, and lackluster packaging can drastically affect how customers view the brand.

4. Eco-friendly packaging can drive traffic to your brand 

impact of eco-friendly packaging

Over 40% of consumers share their purchases on social media due to thoughtful packaging covering eco-friendly options. A 2014 Google Consumer Survey even showed that one in five consumers included unboxing videos in their purchasing journey. Another interesting fact is that about half of customers chose brands committed to sustainability in the past year. Global online searches for “sustainable goods” have risen 71% since 2016. 

5. It increases customers’ willingness to pay

impact of eco-friendly packaging

Quality packaging builds consumer trust and justifies product costs. Unlike in the past, plastic is now associated with ‘cheap’ packaging, while consumers are increasingly willing to invest in products packaged using sustainable materials. The Global Buying Green Report by Trivium Packaging reveals that 74% of consumers are open to paying extra for eco-friendly packaging.

Build an eco-friendly future with Oikos packaging

impact of eco-friendly packaging

trends nowadays, but it plays a much more significant role. To most businesses, it is the first step towards a sustainable future. By embracing this transition, brands not only positively impact the environment but also improve their business through the numerous benefits offered by going green

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