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Published August 29, 2023
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Discover how sustainable packaging in the Philippines benefits the environment while assessing its financial viability for businesses.

Businesses in the Philippines are now giving a lot of thought to sustainable packaging. This comes as a result of a global push towards environmental responsibility and consumer demand for eco-friendly businesses and products. Discover how sustainable packaging in the Philippines benefits the environment while assessing its financial viability for businesses.

In this article, we look at the main ways sustainable packaging can help businesses in the Philippines.

3 factors that make sustainable packaging in the Philippines economical

Opting for sustainable packaging to cut costs, enhance consumer loyalty, and ensure long-term business stability.

1. Sustainable packaging leads to cost savings

sustainable packaging philippines

Sustainable packaging in the Philippines holds economic advantages primarily due to its core focus on efficiency. Local businesses are realizing that using materials smartly can save them money. In addition, revamping packaging design and materials to minimize excess will reduce costs through efficient packaging practices.

Sustainable packaging shines with lightweight materials, minimizing manufacturing energy and lowering shipping expenses through reduced weight. Infiniti Research has reported that lightweight materials bring considerable savings. Despite the widespread usage of EPP and EPS plastics for “lightweight,” these materials are often discarded after a single use. On the contrary, sustainable alternatives offer equivalent weight reduction and adaptability while remaining compostable, delivering substantial savings for businesses with high-volume distribution. 

2. It can build loyalty among eco-conscious Filipinos

sustainable packaging philippines

Filipino consumers are increasingly aware of how their actions affect the environment, particularly among the younger population that favors products aligned with sustainability, climate concern, and environmental responsibility. A 2022 Pulse Asia survey shows this shift, revealing that eight out of 10 Filipino consumers, regardless of their socioeconomic status, prefer eco-friendly businesses. This presents businesses with a unique opportunity to strengthen their brand image and retain loyal customers by adopting sustainable packaging practices like using cassava bags over plastics.

The choice of sustainable packaging in the Philippines not only makes business sense but is also a strategic move to stand out. By demonstrating a commitment to environmental concerns, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders. This reputation attracts eco-conscious consumers, adding to their customer base and offsetting their initial investment in sustainable packaging.

3. Going green may entail long-term business stability

sustainable packaging philippines

The Philippines has enacted the Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022, which is aimed at prompting large companies to recover the plastic packaging waste they generate. Under this law, corporations with assets exceeding ₱1 billion are mandated to either recover a portion of their plastic packaging waste or face financial penalties. 

The law aligns with the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility, emphasizing the obligation of entities to ensure their materials and waste are managed in eco-friendly ways, such as reuse, recycling, or proper biodegradation. Plastic packaging, including sachets, labels, laminates, bottles, and more, fall within the coverage of this law.

With strict enforcement, companies could be compelled to adopt zero-plastic sustainable packaging under the new law. This means that the EPR Act doesn’t just offer a regulatory solution. It also presents an opportunity for sustainable businesses in the Philippines to champion innovation. Exploring alternatives to traditional plastic packaging can allow businesses to form key partnerships with different local communities, industry experts, and government agencies to facilitate better packaging approaches and waste management methods. 

Make the switch to sustainable packaging, Philippines!

sustainable packaging philippines

In this current social climate, choosing eco-friendly options not only aligns with customer preferences but also fuels business expansion. With the spotlight on fast-changing consumer choices and environmentally conscious laws, the call for action grows stronger. Take the lead in embracing this eco-driven shift with Oikos Sustainable Solutions. Our corn and cassava starch bags stand out as plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable alternatives to plastic. The perfect economical choice for sustainable businesses in the Philippines. Check out our products today and start your journey toward a more promising, eco-friendly future.