corn starch bags for animal sustainability
Published February 24, 2023
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This biodegradable bag is made of polylactic acid from fermented starch, the corn starch bags for animal sustainability might be the key.

Now that a number of corporations are saving wildlife from animal cruelty, it’s time to slowly put an end to single-use plastics that have been used for so long. One alternative packaging to plastic right now is the corn starch bag for animal sustainability. This biodegradable bag is made of polylactic acid from fermented starch might just be the key to save the planet. 

Read this article on how you can use corn starch bags for animal sustainability and to care for the environment. 

How corn starch bags change the way we treat the environment

Get these benefits and care more for nature when using bags made of corn starch.

1. Reduce carbon footprint 

corn starch bags for animal sustainability

Carbon footprint is the measurement of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses emitted in the atmosphere. High carbon footprint is due to consumption of fossil fuels, industrial activities, and deforestation among other things. Plastics contribute to carbon footprint with 3.4% of greenhouse emissions globally throughout its lifetime.

Corn starch bags for animal sustainability bring down carbon footprint since it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water once properly discarded. They emit far fewer greenhouse gasses like methane when decomposed compared to plastics. 

2. Renewable 

corn starch bags for animal sustainability

Corn starch bags are made from corn, a renewable crop that grows all year round. Corn takes two to three months to grow although these can be longer depending on the corn’s breed. Unlike plastics which are largely made of petroleum, corn starch from corn is 100% biodegradable. Corn production takes place all year, so you don’t have to worry about running out of materials to make corn starch bags. 

3. Reduce contamination on house pets

corn starch bags for animal sustainability

Dogs and cats can suffer from a common eating disorder called Pica, in which they eat non-food items like plastic. If you see your cat eating plastic of any shape, consult your trusted veterinarian immediately to know the cause. Plastic consumption in cats can cause serious problems like diarrhea, lethargy, and vomiting. 

While corn starch bags are biodegradable and edible for cats, it’s better to use them than petroleum-based plastics that your pets might play with. Still, keep the corn starch bags and any kind of plastic away from your pets to prevent making trips to the vet in a snap. As a fur parent, your pets’ safety is in your hands. 

4. Minimize waste in landfills 

corn starch bags for animal sustainability

Landfills are filled with mostly plastic waste, and they take up huge spaces in landfills since they break down after a thousand years. Corn starch bags give landfills more room to breathe since it only takes 90 days for them to decompose. Plastics in landfills can leak potentially toxic substances to soil and water and contaminate our food and drinks. With plastic-free corn starch bags, you can reduce the leakage of toxic substances into nature. 

5. Turn companies into eco-friendly establishments

corn starch bags for animal sustainability

When you use biodegradable packaging for business, your customers and clients will see you as someone who cares for the environment. Attract more environmentally conscious customers by packing items in corn starch bags. Don’t forget to write recycling reminders in your packaging for your customers to follow. Biodegradable packaging and being serious with nature conservation could be your main selling point to maximize profit while practicing sustainability in your daily operations. 

Get your corn starch bags and save the Environment with Oikos

corn starch bags for animal sustainability

The benefits you’ll get from using corn starch bags ensure the survival of other people, animals, and the planet we live on. In addition, these bags don’t pose any harm the moment you dispose of them after use. 
If you’re an eco-friendly business in the Philippines looking for alternative packaging to plastic, Oikos Sustainable Solutions is the right place to get them. Lastly, we proudly share that our products contain zero plastic and are naturally made from corn and cassava. Finally, you can customize our products for your business needs and order in bulk and per piece. Oikos is the first and only packaging manufacturer in the Philippines to receive an Environmental Technology Verification from the Department of Science and Technology. Be a sustainable business in the Philippines and learn more about our products here!