cassava bags benefit small farmers
Published May 30, 2023

In today’s world, social responsibility and environmental sustainability are paramount for corporations. With growing consumer demand for sustainable operations and increasing concern for plastic waste, the urgency to switch to more environmentally-friendly practices and packaging like cassava bags cannot be overstated.

Big corporations need to recognize the responsibility of upholding eco-friendly practices. By adopting cassava bags as alternative packaging to plastic, we can already make a big difference and set an example for others in the industry. 

Cassava-starch bags as a sustainable packaging solution

cassava bags benefit small farmers

Cassava-starch bags have surfaced as an eco-friendly packaging solution that provides numerous benefits for the environment and businesses alike. Created from cassava, a widely-available root vegetable, these products are compostable and biodegradable. Making them an excellent substitute for traditional plastic packaging.

Here are some of the reasons why cassava bags can benefit small farmers.


cassava bags benefit small farmers

Cassava bags are renewable materials. As cassava crops grow quickly and only require minimal fertilizer and water, they are considered a more sustainable option than other packaging materials. By using cassava-starch bags, we significantly reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, thus contributing to a circular economy in general. 


cassava bags benefit small farmers

Making the switch to cassava bags will help us effectively address the environmental concerns associated with plastic waste. 

Compared to conventional plastic bags, cassava-starch bags are compostable, leaving no harmful traces of chemicals behind. Traditional plastic bags tend to take hundreds of years before they break down, while cassava bags degrade in a matter of months only and are also water-soluble. This helps minimize their impact on ecosystems and landfills. Aside from that, they also emit fewer greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process, which helps reduce their carbon footprint.

Versatile & functional

cassava bags benefit small farmers

Apart from having great environmental benefits, cassava bags also offer exceptional functionality.  They are durable and perfectly capable of securely packaging various products. Cassava-starch bags are capable of withstanding handling and storage. This ensures necessary protection for our products and goods while upholding a commitment to environmentally-responsible practices.

What this means for small farmers and the economy

cassava bags benefit small farmers

Switching to cassava bags presents significant benefits not only for big corporations but SMEs and small farmers, too. In fact, it brings a positive impact on their country’s economy as a whole. Adopting cassava bags as our preferred packaging solution will help us actively contribute to the prosperity of these stakeholders with the increasing interest from Filipino consumers for brands that practice sustainability.

Expansion of cassava farming & cultivation

cassava bags benefit small farmers

One reason cassava bags benefit small farmers as a raw material for packaging creates a new market for small farmers who have these crops. Cassava cultivation offers a good source of income, thus providing economic stability for farmers who often encounter challenges in the agricultural sector. 

Establishing partnerships and engaging with small farmers via cassava packaging will allow organizations to give them a steady demand for cassava crops. In turn, this can lead to improved livelihoods and increased revenues. On a larger scale, this supports sustainable agricultural practices and rural development, which will help bolster farming communities. 

Resilient local economy

cassava bags benefit small farmers

That said, making the switch to cassava bags stimulates agricultural production, and consequently, economic growth. With the increased demand for cassava, farmers will be more encouraged to participate in cassava cultivation, expanding cassava farming. 

This expansion can generate job opportunities for the local populace while increasing income generation and productivity in the agricultural sector. This ripple effect goes beyond the farmers themselves, positively impacting distributors, suppliers, and other related businesses. 

By actively involving small farmers in the supply chain and supporting their economic well-being, we actively foster a sense of inclusivity and empowerment as well. This upholds our goals for social responsibility and demonstrates dedication to sustainable business practices.

Go green with Oikos Sustainable Solutions

cassava bags benefit small farmers

It’s high time that corporations and businesses recognize the growing demand for sustainability—especially the compelling benefits of switching to cassava-starch bags as biodegradable packaging for business.  By choosing cassava bags, we contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, promote a circular economy, and meet the changing expectations of eco-conscious consumers. 

In your journey toward a more environmentally responsible future, you’ll need the right partner. Oikos Sustainable Solutions is an eco-friendly business and is the first and only brand in the Philippines to receive the prestigious Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) from DOST for its cassava and corn bags for being plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable. This recognition demonstrates its unwavering dedication to sustainability by offering biodegradable packaging like cassava bags and corn bags.  Let’s fight for a better future by clicking the link for small steps.