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Published April 27, 2023

More and more people now prefer to buy from a green business that makes concerted efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Consumers nowadays are increasingly becoming more intentional with buying products that don’t harm the environment. There have been loud calls for sustainability since, and this has made business owners think differently about how to run their companies. More and more people now prefer to buy from a green business that makes concerted efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Recent news on environmental crises like climate change has prompted businesses to consider eco-friendly practices as imperatives. Green enterprise Oikos Sustainable Solutions presents this initiative by introducing single-use, plastic-free alternative packaging to plastic that businesses can use in their operations. 

Starting in the right direction

Big or small, your business has an equally important role to play in promoting environmental sustainability.

Benefits of going green

green business

Besides the noble cause that going green brings, it also provides numerous benefits for your enterprise. Adopting sustainable practices not only helps protect the planet for generations to come, but also enhances brand reputation, cost savings, and more. Here are other reasons why your business should be joining the green crusade, too. 

Decreased costs, increased profits

green business

Any small business would know that it’s essential to stick to a strict budget to avoid mishaps. As a green business, you can easily cut down costs by minimizing the use of electricity. Authentic sustainability goes beyond banning plastic straws; instead, enterprises can implement sure-fire measures like using alternative packaging and lighting or opting for virtual meetings. 

You can save up to 70% on lighting bills alone by using compact fluorescent (CFL) lighting rather than incandescent bulbs. Going paperless also saves the budget you would have otherwise spent on paper, file cabinets, or printing supplies. 

Improved brand reputation

green business

Research demonstrates that consumers generally prefer to do business with merchants or manufacturers whose values align with theirs. That said, sharing the heart and cause of your operations will allow you to connect with environmentally-conscious readers who can become prospective clients. You can also highlight the company’s green efforts in your marketing initiatives to attract like-minded customers.

Cementing your concern for the environment will inspire lasting loyalty in eco-conscious consumers that can translate to sales. People will see that your brand is taking an effort in promoting sustainability, leading to growth in profits and increased credibility. 

Recruiting and retaining top talent

green business

The market is currently oversaturated, yet it’s tight for talent at the same time. Employees, especially Gen Z and the millennials, are more conscious of working for companies that reflect their aspirations. This means that they are more inclined to look for jobs that have a positive effect on society.

A 2021 study from global business services provider IBM showed that 71% of potential employees are more likely to accept jobs from green businesses. Additionally, companies who follow the triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profits) approach are also more attractive to rising talent as it provides a formidable competitive advantage. 

Tax incentives

green business

One of the main motivators behind businesses going green is the ever-changing regulations from governments worldwide. Companies need to stay updated on mandatory reporting rules on emissions, or they risk being overtaken by greener, more sustainable competitors.  

Operating as a green business also helps ensure that your business complies with environmental regulations, thus avoiding penalties and fines. The law states that a qualified business enterprise promoting green jobs is eligible for a tax deduction equal to 50% of its total expenses for skills training and research development. 

Increased investors and financial opportunities

green business

The green movement is a responsibility that applies to all aspects of the food industry. That said, your increased credibility as a green business will attract more investors who prefer sustainable enterprises.  Using sustainability strategies also helps facilitate the process of getting investors more interested to support your business.

Positive societal impact

green business

More than growing profits, your actions as an environmentally-conscious business make a difference. Taking the initiative to go green leads to a reduced number of toxins and a smaller carbon footprint. By adopting environmentally-friendly practices, you can help improve living conditions and provide benefits for future generations such as cleaner air and water, increased use of renewable energy, and reduced reliance on landfills.

Choosing the right partner

green business

To have hope to thrive in the future means being aware of the present environmental and economic issues, and translating these into eco-friendly business practices. For this reason, businesses must keep up with evolving global developments or trends. This is essential not only to attain business growth but also to help in improving living conditions for consumers and address pressing environmental issues.

Oikos Sustainable Solutions is a leading manufacturer of plastic-free, plant-based, and fully compostable product packaging in the Philippines. The company was founded with a unified goal of contributing to a greener Earth by sourcing and manufacturing sustainable and innovative solutions locally. It’s also the first and only brand in the Philippines to receive an Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) from DOST. Both for its cassava and corn bags for being plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable.

It’s not too late to make a difference. Check out Oikos’s alternative packaging to plastic here and be part of the green revolution now.