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As the holidays draw near, it’s best to start preparing for the shopping frenzy that is to come. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or an online shop, people will surely come running to your door for gifts and holiday essentials. To make sure that you don’t get caught up in the rush, here’s a quick guide on how to prepare your business for the holidays. 

Busy Days Ahead? Here’s How to Prepare Your Business for the Holidays

Preparation is key to surviving anything, and the holiday season is no exemption. Restrategizing your daily grind to prepare your business for the holidays can be a little nerve-racking. Avoid feeling overwhelmed in your holiday business preparation with these tips:

prepare your business for the holidays

1. Have a clear set of goals

The holiday season only comes once a year, so you better make the most of it. Sit down with your team and set sales goals for the season. Aside from the revenue, add better engagement, social media following, and brand recognition to your goals. List a course of action to take to make sure you’ll achieve the goals you set.

2. Plan your content

Stand out this holiday season with perfectly planned and curated content. Come up with ideas that revolve around the holiday theme. Post a list of gift ideas for friends and loved ones. Creating holiday photos and videos with relevant captions will also resonate with your audiences. With holiday-themed content, you’re selling products, nostalgia, and a sense of wonder to your customers. 

prepare your business for the holidays

3. Roll out discounts and marketing campaigns

The holidays are all about getting more while spending less. Put your products up for bundles and discounts. Create vouchers and promos to entice your customers to buy more from your shop. 


Hold marketing campaigns like mini events and online contests to promote your products. Online and offline mini events can be held weekly leading up to the holiday season to build the hype around your products. 

4. Give your physical and digital store a new look

Revamp your store the way you want it just for the holidays. If you’re running a physical store, take those decorations out and adorn the store with them. For online stores, redesign and optimize your websites and social media pages to drive more traffic. Make sure that buttons and product pages work well to give your customers a hassle-free and memorable shopping experience.

prepare your business for the holidays

5. Fill up and manage your inventory

While promoting your holiday products and offers, it’s still better to fill up your stocks than run out of them. Compare inventory data from last year to see how many you’re going to buy this year. Buy what you need early and plan the packaging of your products later on. Manage your inventory by using reliable software and putting all important channels and storage locations in sync. 

6. Make the packaging matter

Plastic and paper waste are at their peak during the holidays. Minimize waste by switching to sustainable packaging. Alternative packaging to plastics like cassava and corn bags cost less than the usual plastics. You’ll save money on purchasing and shipping costs and provide more space for your items. You’ll also win over more customers in the future by positioning yourself as an eco-friendly business.

Make Holiday Shopping Extra Special With Oikos

Oikos Sustainable Solutions is the first local manufacturer of plant-based packaging in the country. Our corn and cassava bags are excellent alternative packaging to plastic with their durability, versatility, and zero-plastic content. By choosing Oikos as your partner for sustainability, you’re on your way to finding success as an eco-friendly business in the Philippines. Explore our products here.